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The Latest in DeFi $CARROT uses the latest smart contract innovations to reward holders AND also constantly add more buy pressure in the form of automated buy-backs. This is accomplished by taking a 5% “tax” from each transaction. 2,5% goes instantly to holders and 2,5% goes to a “buy-back” mechanism. This will create an ecosystem of constant rewards to holders.

What is the governance?

CARROT is a DAO, governance decisions are voted on by CARROT holders (on chain whenever possible), or off chain at

How are liquidity providers incentivized?

2,5% of all transfers are forever locked into liquidity, 2,5% are distributed to liquidity providers. Percents can be changed by the DAO.

How are the STAKE rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed on a Smart Contract. First Staking Pool APY is %395 and treasury minted 10 million Carrot tokens (Future pool can create by DAO and APY rate also change).

Does CarrotSwap have a project party? Where is the team?

True DecentralizationThere is no team or central party that awards fees with $CARROT. There is no interface needed to claim the fees. No action needs to be taken on the part of the holder other than to hold $CARROT in a wallet they control.

How is CARROT distributed?

It will fully distributed to communty with Crowdsale from Dec28 to Jan31 (35d). The first to claim will receive 250% more than the last (bonding curve).


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